Odd Name Great Coffee

To say my husband and I love coffee is a tremendous understatement.  We enjoy coffee in the morning, the afternoon, and sometimes late in the evening.  Imagine our excitement to find a local roaster.

Coffee sign at Blind Dog Coffee

We love coffee, but not just any coffee.  We like a smooth, medium to dark roast that brings joy the second it touches our lips.  If we get "bitter coffee face," the deal is off!

We decided to give Blind Dog Coffee a try.  There are a number of flavors but organic Columbian is our #1 favorite, Guatemala comes in second.

As you can see we did get 4 pounds of beans and 2 boxes of K cups for an upcoming road trip.

If good coffee wasn't enough, a percentage is donated to the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation.

If you would like to take a nice drive, see beautiful mountains and meet the nice people at Blind Dog Coffee.

Blind Dog Coffee
1276 Pit Road Ste 8
Gardnerville Nevada 89460