Frugal Yet Fashionable: How To Save On Your Children's Wardrobe

Between their rapid growth spurts and the ever-changing trends on the schoolyard, it can be hard to keep your kids in fashionable clothes that fit. You can easily spend all your money on keeping their closets full of the basics. If you want to shop for new clothes without going broke, check in with these simple tips to help you save money.

How To Save On Your Children's Wardrobe

Limit your child’s closet

Though you may want to stock their wardrobe full of the latest trends, your children don’t need a lot of clothing. They can get by with a simple capsule wardrobe that consists of basic, everyday wear. It can be a challenge to build an effective capsule wardrobe because it relies on just 12–14 clothing items. With so few items, each piece has to work with the others. Read up on the capsule wardrobe to see how you can pare down your children’s clothing. There are guides that help you create a small and sustainable closet for each of your kids. Once you limit your kids’ clothing to 14 or fewer pieces, you’ll save yourself considerable cash when you need to replace the items they outgrow.

Stay ahead of the seasons

The most common mistake parents make when shopping is buying clothes at the wrong time. Though it may seem logical to buy a new summer wardrobe in the summer, this strategy will cost you more at the till. New clothes are at their highest price when they first come out. Meanwhile, out of season stuff is priced low, so the store can sell it quickly and make room for new items as they come in.

It will take some planning to anticipate your kids’ sizes a couple of seasons in advance, but the potential savings are worth it. Your biggest obstacle is remembering to shop by this schedule all year-round. Family life can distract you, and before you know it, it’s time for back-to-school shopping and you haven’t even started yet.

Last year, the average parents spent $554 per child in back-to-school shopping. If you aren’t prepared for this sizeable bill, you can rely on an installment loan to help cover this cost. An online lender like MoneyKey offers installment loans online that come through quickly because they’ve simplified what could be a complex experience at the bank. To see what makes an installment loan different from other personal loans, visit to read up on its rates and terms. If it matches your financial abilities, you could have the cash you need after just one business day.

Search out deals

Even when you’re stuck buying summer clothes during the summer, you can reduce what you pay at the till. The phone in your bag can help you find considerable deals wherever you shop, as long as you download the right money-saving apps. Whether it’s a consignment shop that lets you peruse used clothing at discounted prices or a rebate app that gives you cash back on necessary purchases, these apps work with every budget and shopping style.

It’s not always easy keeping your kids dressed in clothes that fit, that are fashionable, and that come under budget, but if you follow these tips you can fill their closets without going broke. Try building a capsule closet, shopping off-season, and using money-saving apps. With these techniques in hand, you’ll return home from shopping without feeling like your wallet is empty.