Garlic Knot Recipe with Extra Virgin Olive Oil #FlavorYourLife

Do you cook a lot with Olive oil?  I love cooking with olive oil and use it in or on just about everything; scrambled eggs, pasta, pizza dough or as a dressing.  I especially love it when baking bread.  I received a kit from Moms Meet ( with free products to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.  In my kit were a lovely European Olive Oil, recipe cards, and an oil spray bottle.

Cooking with European Olive Oil

Since I was already making my homemade pizza we thought the delicious garlic knots would be a fun recipe to go with our dinner.  The recipe called for a package of crescent dough sheets, but I decided to use my favorite pizza dough recipe.

Cooking with European Olive Oil

While my pizza More on the oil I received.  It is from a company called Zucchi.  It claims to be a premier Italian Olive Oil Company delivering traceable and sustainable products that you can trust.  You can find Zucchi at Big Y, HEB, King Kullen and Shaw’s.  I loved that this olive oil didn’t taste or smell green.  Zucchi’s extra virgin olive oil had a slightly nutty smell and tasted delicious.  I can see using this one for a garlic olive oil dip for fresh bread, drizzled over my pasta dishes, or my zoodles.

Pizza Dough for Garlic Knots

The dough is amazing and ready to roll into a rectangle for cutting.

We cut this into 3/4″ strips and then in half.  I sprayed my deep cast iron skillet with olive oil and added the garlic knots.

Pizza Dough for Garlic Knots

The garlic dough knots are already rising.  While they do that we are going to prepare the amazing topping.  The topping includes extra virgin olive oil, butter, garlic and parsley which we are now giving a little time in a warm pan.

Olive Oil and Garlic


The Flavor Your Life campaign, supported by the European Union, Unaprol, and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, is dedicated to providing the latest in industry news on European Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The program aims to educate US consumers so they can make informed decisions when purchasing Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To learn more you can visit


They have been doing it for years, over thousands of years!  Someone with that much experience must be doing it right, right?  Farmers have evolved hundreds of varieties of olive trees (cultivars) and optimized them for different environmental conditions and terrains to produce the most delicious yields.

All that knowledge, experience and the centuries-old bond between the people and the land is the finest extra virgin olive in the world.

They know the best time to harvest.  Olives harvested early in the season, late August (varies by region), are under-ripe and produce oils that are greener, more bitter and pungent.  Olives harvested at the end of the season, late November into December, are over-ripe and tend to taste mild and buttery.


Spanish oil is typically golden yellow with a fruity, nutty flavor.
Italian olive oil is often dark green and has an herbal aroma and a grassy flavor.
Greek olive oil packs a strong flavor and aroma and tends to be green.
French oil is typically pale in color and has a mild flavor
The dough for the garlic knots has risen and is ready for the olive oil mixture and sprinkle with some sea salt.  We are going to bake this at 400° for 15-20 minutes depending on your oven.

Pizza Dough for Garlic Knots


There are a lot of misconceptions about cooking with olive oil.  So here are the facts.

Olive oil has a high smoke point (400° F) so it can handle anything from a light saut√© to a deep (and deeply flavorful) fry.
You can bake with olive oil, I do all the time.
Between uses, store your oil someplace dark and cool (around 57° F, if possible), not on a counter or near a stove, and never in the refrigerator. Keep the lid screwed on tight, and use
your oil within 6 months of opening, and within 18 months of purchasing.
I wish you could smell my house right now.  The garlic knots are all done and it smells amazing in here.  I’d like to say we served these with the pizza, but they were enjoyed well before I pulled the pizza out of the oven.

Delicious Garlic Knots with Delicious European Olive Oil

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