The Ultimate DIY Men's Grooming Kit to Make for Your Hubby

Does your husband have a birthday coming up? Or maybe you just want to spoil him a little for all the hard work he does.

What better way to help him look his best than with a men's grooming kit? That's right, women aren't the only ones who like to take care of their skin's health and appearance!

But grooming gift baskets can get quite pricey. You can save a ton and make it more personal by going DIY.

Gift Ideas for men

Don't know what to include? Keep reading to get ideas on what you can include in your hubby's DIY men's grooming kit.

Beard Oil
Is your husband always scratching at his beard? Does it get so rough that it sometimes pokes you when you try to get a sweet goodnight kiss? Or maybe it still looks a bit patchy or thin.

All of these are great reasons to include beard oil in your husband's grooming kit gift.

Beard oil immediately works to soften his beard. When used regularly over time, it can create a softer and fuller beard that he can be proud of. Both of you will love how it looks and feels.
Beard Balm
If your husband already has a full and soft beard, that doesn't mean there isn't a product to help it look even better.

Beard balm is essentially hair gel for beards. It can help him style it, whether he's looking to achieve a trendy mustache style or just wants to tame those stray beard hairs.

It can do wonders to help him create the ultimate beard and mustache while still keeping it soft to the touch.
Sunburn Relief Cream
Does your husband spend all day working outside? Or maybe he's in charge of mowing the lawn and maintaining the gutters under the summer heat. Either way, he may suffer from the occasional sunburn.

Help him solve this problem as soon as it happens by getting him a luxurious sunburn relief cream. Plain aloe vera may work well to fight that sunburn, but it can feel sticky and uncomfortable to apply.

An aloe vera and moisturizer combo will give him the best of both worlds. He'll still get all the fighting power or aloe vera while the moisturizer makes it feel more comfortable to apply and helps prevent against peeling.

If he's especially prone to sunburn, you may want to get ahead of the game and include some nice sunscreen too! After all, sun damage has many long-lasting effects on the skin such as premature wrinkling.
Face Cleanser
If your husband constantly has a job like a contractor, construction worker, or mechanic, he may suffer from breakouts. This is expected when he spends 40 hours a week working around dirt and grime.

He might feel a little self-conscious about this, even if he doesn't admit it. Help him fight those breakouts and get clean skin by including a quality facial cleanser in your DIY grooming kit.
Luxurious Shampoo and Conditioner
That cheap shampoo and conditioner combo your husband has been using may seem convenient, but it's probably not doing much for his hair.

Include luxurious bottles of shampoo and conditioner to let him see what he's missing. Once he feels and sees how great his hair looks, he'll never want to go back to the combo bottles again.
Safety Razors
Does your husband like to maintain a nice clean shave? It can be harder than it looks to get your beard so short without enduring a few cuts.

A safety razor is a perfect solution. But no two safety razors are made the same. You can discover more about quality safety razors here to ensure you get him the best one.
Luxurious Shaving Cream
When your husband likes to maintain a clean appearance, he may have to shave every day. Let's face it: we all know how annoying shaving can be.

But shaving doesn't have to be such a dreaded part of his day. You can help him relax and enjoy his mornings by including a luxurious shaving cream to his grooming kit.

You can find shaving creams with moisturizer, so it'll feel great going on and leave his face feeling soft all day.
Even with the best razors and shaving cream, some men are just susceptible to razor burn. If your hubby has sensitive skin, he'll appreciate a nice aftershave.

Just make sure you find one designed for sensitive skin, so it doesn't make that razor burn feel even worse. Also, finding one with a nice scent can be a great way to wake him up in the morning and allow him to forgo the cologne if he's running low.
Teeth Whitening Strips
Who doesn't love a nice cup of coffee in the morning? The problem is that morning cup of joe can stain your teeth.

If your husband wants to maintain his pearly white smile, consider adding teeth whitening strips to his grooming kit. They'll help remove stains so he can have a smile he's proud of!
DIY Men's Grooming Kits
If you want to spoil your hard-working hubby, we have the perfect solution! A DIY men's grooming kit will help him look and feel his best every day, whether he is relaxing at home or working overtime. Just follow our guide for inspiration to create the best grooming kit.

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