How to Make Easy Glass Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

There is something that is so satisfying about making handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree. This year I picked out a lot of fun supplies including clear glass ornaments from Oriental Trading. I chose things like glitter, silver sand, different charms, shiny string, blue snowflakes, and a bag of Christmas colored buttons of all sizes.

DIY Christmas Ornaments


The four glass ornaments I am sharing with you today were easy to make and can be made many different ways but with a theme. I really love the simplicity of this first ornament. All you need is the glass ornament, small buttons of different colors, a charm, scissors, and thread.

DIY Glass Ornaments

Add buttons to your ornament up to a little than halfway. If you add any more, it will become too heavy for the tree limbs. I had 3 charms to choose from Peace, Joy and Merry Christmas. The Christmas and Peace ones were slightly large for the size of the ornament I chose, so I went with the JOY charm.

I made this ornament two different ways; one with the charm on the outside and one with the charm on the inside. For the one with the charm on the inside, I just pulled the thread through the ornament top and tied a couple knots to keep it from slipping back through. Off to the next glass ornament.

DIY Glass Ornaments

For the silver and sand snowflake ornament make a funnel out of paper and add a tablespoon or two of sand with just a sprinkle of glitter. Put your finger over the hole and give it a good shake. This adds a little iridescence to the walls of the ornament. Now add the silver and blue snowflakes; I added about 10. Now for the red glitter ornament.

DIY Glass Ornaments

This glass ornament was just as easy and admittedly fun to make. Add a teaspoon of water to the ornament and a couple drops of glue; Elmer’s would be just fine. Now shake, shake, shake. Dump out the remaining liquid, grab your funnel and add a tablespoon of glitter. Now it is time to, you guessed it, shake, shake, shake. Add the top to the ornament and a matching thread to hang with.

DIY Glass Ornaments

For this last ornament, I wanted a just a little bit of color. I added a small amount of water, glue, shook it up, and drained the remaining liquid. With the funnel, I sprinkled a small amount of silver sand and Purple glitter. After giving it a good shake, I was left with an ornament with a small amount of color but looked great; proving that a little bit can indeed go a long way.

I received all the supplies to make these gorgeous glass ornaments from the folks at Oriental Trading, my opinions are my own. You can find more great crafting supplies and ideas via their Christmas pages.