How To Keep Teenagers Active

When they were young, it seemed like they had endless stores of energy, like they were Energizer bunnies you just couldn’t turn off. But then, at a certain point, they started to replace their baseball glove for a video game remote and preferred the comfort of the couch to the outdoors.

Ideas To Keep Teenagers Active

It’s not an uncommon phenomenon for teens to be, well, a little lazy – in fact, it’s a stereotype you see documented in TV and movies all the time, one which perhaps reinforces the behavior. But inactivity can be unhealthy, especially for teenagers, who are growing and need the requisite diet and exercise. Laying in bed scrolling through Instagram may be fine for a little while per day, but it should by no means be their only activity.

Keeping teenagers active is a matter of health and wellbeing, but it’s not always easy; in order to promote exercise, you need to find entertaining and fun activities for them to do. It’s also important that you improve accessibility to exercise, shortening the distance your teen has to travel in order to be active – a lack of proximity can be a strong deterrent for teenagers.

The most effective activities, therefore, are ones that are at or close to home, and that is fun and engaging. If you live near a sports facility, like an ice rink or basketball court, suggest that your teenager head there a few evenings a week, perhaps with friends, and play for a couple hours. The proximity removes the initial inclination barrier, and the sport itself should be engaging enough that they can have fun with it.

Better yet, look for trampolines for sale online and invest in a mode of exercise that isn’t just close to home, but actually at home. All your teenager needs to do is head to the backyard and jump on the trampoline for an hour (with your supervision, ideally), an activity that is both close and fun. They can even take their phones on the trampoline, provided that they still mind where they are jumping, since trampoline jumping can be a passive form of exercise. Just make sure you buy a safe trampoline; check out Springfree Trampoline online, the safest of the trampoline brands.

Other than making fun exercises more accessible and available, part of keeping teenagers active is limiting their screen time. Whether it’s the TV, computer monitor or phone, screens are attractive, and therefore set limits around their use is an important part of keeping teenagers active. Pick an amount of time you think is reasonable for daily screen consumption, and try to practice what you preach. Teens are often exceptionally attuned to hypocrisy, so leading by example is key.

Your teen might never display the same vim and vigor they had as a young kid, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be active. Cut down on screen time, promote easily accessible activities like trampoline bouncing and try to lead by example. An active teen is a healthy teen, and a healthy teen is a happy teen!