How To Make Your Flat Screen Blend In

Love your sleek fifty-inch wide television? For as long as you can probably remember, the television has always been the center of the home. After all, it’s our favorite shows and movies that bring the family together. These days, homeowners are placing more emphasis on decor than the latest flat screen television.  No doubt, you would probably enjoy it much more if you were able to blend it seamlessly with the room’s decor. These days homeowners find they're flat screen television just as difficult to decorate around as the old school clunky tube television set. Whether you’re set on making sure the flat screen doesn’t contend with the fireplace or you’re simply struggling with arranging an entire room around the black screen, we’re going to show you how to pull it off.

Add More Black Accents
Perhaps the easiest way to blend that big black box in with your decor is to add more black accents to the room. The bigger the television screen is you can expect it to dominate the room even more. Let’s be honest, if the room is decked out in a lot of lighter shades neutral the TV will stand out. Consider adding more black accents and accessories to space for a balanced look.

You can add in black pillows to your couch and go with a more darker wood flooring option. Try using dark toned accessories near where you’ve mounted the television set. This can be in the form of vases or even artwork. The heavy look of black in the room will give the eyes something to latch onto.

Mask with A Dark Background Color
If you’re not keen on decorating with black around the room you can consider camouflaging with just a darker toned background wall. You can wallpaper or paint the wall the television is mounted on a chocolate brown, charcoal or any other darker hue you desire to make the flat screen blend in. If you’re more of a minimalist and you want a clean-lined look using a basic wood veneer on the wall also accomplishes the same goal.

Add In A Focal Point
Take the attention away from a big flat screen television by adding an area of interest or a focal point to the room. For instance, a large vintage mirror mounted on the wall or a stunning piece of artwork is bound to be noticed before the television is. When creating a focal point in the room be sure to arrange your furniture around it as opposed to the T.V. Whether it’s the living room or the bedroom, it’s common to see homeowners arrange they're furniture that allows for easy viewing of the flat screen. Even if the couch is facing the TV adding in a couple of accent chairs that are placed in the opposite direction will help take some of the focus away from the television.

If you have a fireplace in the room, you can make it more of a focal point by decorating the area. Use accessories and paint to really bring your fireplace alive.

Mirror TV
A mirror TV is a trendy way to blend your flat screen with the theme of the room. With a tv mirror when the television is off it will simply appear like the glass to a sophisticated mirror. Yet, when you are ready to turn it on, the mirror instantly becomes clear for viewing.

To get a customized mirror tv made all you’ve have to do is have the make and model of your flat screen handy. You can select from hundreds of available styles. Best of all, the installation process is relatively easy.

Fill In Space Around the Flat Screen
Often, the flat screen tends to stand out because it’s the only thing hanging on the wall. The solution is to fill out the blank surrounding wall space. You can use books, art, and other accessories to make your flat screen practically invisible. Here are some ideas:

If you don’t have built-in shelving you can install them around the television set and fill them with books or you can fill some of the shelving space with framed photography.

Shelving, not an option? Well, creating an art wall achieves the same effect. To create an enticing art wall, you can surround the flat screen with framed artwork that ranges in sizes. Too cliche? Consider using objects as opposed to pictures. From plates to baskets you can really get creative on what you hang on your walls.

Say No the Floating Television
One of the biggest mistake that one can make when mounting they're flat screen is to not ground it. With a floating television, there is nothing below it to ground it. Even adding a media console or wood cabinetry below a mounted television is a great way to really center it because it fills in the blank space below and provides a visual anchor. If you install it right above a media console or a cabinet you can add tall vases and oversized vases to offset the look. Yes, decorating the console itself is bound to draw attention away from your flat screen.

There are many different ways you can ground your flat screen. This can be done by adding a few vertical floating shelves or a cabinet. You can dress the shelves with wood accents to further add texture. Even installing symmetrical shelving at the same dimensions of the television and filling the shelves with artful objects. If you decide to use shelving you can further emphasize the look by painting the backing of each shelf a bold eye-popping color.

Let the TV Take A Backseat
If you have several objects within a room competing for attention, why not let the television take a backseat by tucking it into the corner? You can angle your flat screen into a tiny nook and allow your furniture and accessories take front and center. No one will even notice the television until it’s time to watch it.