Make Your Easter Holidays Wonderful With Fresh Lobster

People celebrate the Easter holidays in a variety of different ways—some visit church with their family, some throw big parties and some leave out chocolate treats for their children. One long-honored tradition during this special holiday weekend is making seafood dinner on Good Friday.

Make Your Easter Holidays Wonderful With Fresh Lobster

Many Christians follow the tradition of abstaining from meat in observation of Good Friday during the Easter holidays—instead of eating meat, some people choose to fast and others choose to eat seafood. Fish and other seafood is an acceptable alternative during days of religious observation, especially when all other forms of meat are forbidden. Many cultures choose to celebrate the entire holiday weekend by feasting on grilled, roasted and fried seafood. This is a wonderful solution that allows people to follow religious rules without having to go without food for a day.  

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You can keep your seafood dishes simple and straightforward without foregoing flavor—fresh seafood doesn’t need a lot of extra ingredients to taste great. If you have ordered live lobsters, you can broil them and serve them with lemon slices, chopped parsley and clarified butter. If you want to avoid the mess of cracking claws and shells, you can prepare dishes that only use the lobster meat. A platter lined with slices of lobster bruschetta works as a light appetizer before the main course. A classic New England lobster roll is a heartier option often eaten with sides like French fries, potato chips or a steaming bowl of soup. If you are stumped by the possibilities, you can always visit the website Lobster Anywhere to see their tasty recipe options. If you feel completely overwhelmed by the idea of cooking in the kitchen, it’s also possible to order meals online like lobster ravioli or lobster pies — all you have to do is heat them up and set them out on the table.  

This year you can celebrate Good Friday by abstaining from meat and cooking with seafood instead. With the assistance of an innovative website, you can have the freshest seafood ingredients for your meal delivered to your doorstep. This thoughtful service will help you and your family observe the important holiday and enjoy the food on your plates.