Gymnastic Programs Help Kids Stay Active In Winter

We all want the best for our kids. However, we know that sometimes what kids want doesn’t match our wishes. By getting involved in a fun physical activity, you can create a win-win situation.
Gymnastic Programs Help Kids Stay Active In Winter
Imagine if you heard that there was a single activity that could help your child in the following ways:
  • Improved strength
  • Greater flexibility
  • Higher speed
  • Heightened balance
  • Raised coordination
  • More power
  • Better discipline
It may sound like a case of too good to be true, but gymnastics is actually one of the most well-rounded sports around when it comes to keeping fit and supporting motor development. What’s especially notable about it is the fact that you can easily do it during the winter. This is extremely important, as keeping active when things are cold is a headache parent deal with every year.
Benefits of Gymnastics
What makes gymnastics so helpful for children? It all boils down to the different parts of the body that get worked during gymnastics practice and training. This includes aerobic exercise, strength training, and building up bones, the three essential components of healthy physical activity in children. However, one interesting story shows that your lessons in the gym may also translate to success in the classroom.
U.S.A Gymnastics is the national governing body for gymnastics in the United States. Their research showed that developing physical attributes with gymnastics also played into success in school. Stronger hands improved handwriting skills. Moving forward and backward helped developed audiovisual senses. Spatial awareness translated into math skills. Some believe that it actually goes as far as to improve efficiency in the brain.
Of course, one can’t ignore the social benefits as well. Team sports provide the opportunity for children to develop important skills like listening, following directions, and being respectful. In addition, as their skills improve and they develop confidence, gymnastics can be a great confidence builder. All of these skills translate into the classroom as well. Visit Steeles West Gymnastics to learn more about how you can reap these benefits for your children.
The Bigger Issue
Much of the talk of the obesity epidemic surrounds the United States, but Canada is dealing with it as well. One in 10 Canadian children is clinically obese. This is a complex issue, but it generally stems from poor diet and a lack of physical activity. The many different parts of the body that you use in a gymnastics routine provide a balanced workout, which is exactly what you need to keep fit.

As a parent, you can try to do your part to try and get the ball rolling by encouraging your children to do physical activities, and trying to lead by example by being active yourself. However, doing so during the winter is a bit harder due to the need for special equipment and clothing to do so safely. This especially applies to younger children. As a result, gymnastics not only keep your children fit, but takes a lot of burden off you as it provides the tools that you need to keep your kids active, happy, and healthy through the upcoming winter.