Christmas Cookie Party: Swirled Sugar Cookies

Aren’t these red and green sugar cookies beautiful?  We love Sugar Cookies here in the young house, we make them for just about every season.  This year I wanted to do something different for our Christmas Cookie Party, something that looked like Christmas.  

Red Green Swirled Sugar Cookies

That was our motivation for our Swirled Sugar Cookies.

Here is how to make  Swirled Sugar Cookies…

Start by making your sugar cookie recipe but before you add the dry ingredients, reserve 2 cups of wet mixture.  In each cup add your food coloring; I use the Wilton Icing Colors.  Mix it together until completely blended then add 3/4 cups to a cup of flour mixture.  Once it gets too thick to stir, it is ready to roll.

Swirled Sugar Cookies

Place dough on a floured surface and continue adding flour and mixing by hand until it doesn’t stick.  Roll each color into a rectangle and stack.

Colored and Layered Sugar Cookie Dough

After you stack them, four underneath and give it another roll with the rolling pin.  Now it is time roll the dough together.

Swirled Sugar Cookie Dough ready to cut

When you roll it you may have to scrap it a bit and add some flour to keep it from sticking.  If it cracks or sticks just pinch it back together it will be just fine.  Now it is time to cut your cookie dough.

I like our cookies a bit thick because it adds a chewy texture.

Swirled Sugar Cookies Ready to Bake

Bake at 375º for 6 minutes if you like your cookies a bit on the soft side.  If you like your cookies crisper bake for 8 minutes.  Let them cool a bit and enjoy.  For some added flair you can dip one half in chocolate or white frosting.

Swirled Sugar Cookies

If you decide to make these cookies, please share, I would love to see them.