The iPhone X Is Already A Hit With Teens

You might not think Apple’s plans for world domination relies on the brace-faced kids sitting in high school classrooms across the world, but this demographic plays an important role in the Cupertino-based company’s rise to power. Young, impressionable, and eager-to-be-cool, the kids these days are willing to spend their own money (and more than enough of their parents’) on Apple’s handsets, so what they choose to bring to school has considerable sway on the market.

The iPhone X Is Already A Hit With Teens

Despite being Apple’s flagship, the iPhone X is a divisive model. Half of the adult tech world is excited for the 10th-anniversary handset, while the other half is unimpressed with its price. But when it comes to adolescents, the split just isn’t there. The latest Piper Jaffray survey, Taking Stock With Teens, suggests the iPhone X is at its most popular with teenagers.

Piper Jaffray has conducted the Taking Stock With Teens twice every year for the last 17 years. This year, it surveyed 6,100 teenagers to learn more about their spending habits. Part of their survey uncovers their current smartphone model and their plans for future models.

The Fall 2017 survey revealed 78 percent of those surveyed own an iPhone. This is up by two full percentage points from a few months earlier when Piper Jaffray conducted its Spring 2017 survey. More striking was the number of surveyed teens who planned to upgrade to an iPhone. Eighty-two percent of teenagers expect their next smartphone will be an iPhone — a statistic that has never been so high.

Experts believe the iPhone’s popularity is due to the X, specifically how the flagship handset has been advertised. It’s appealing to a generation of selfie-takers by branding the newest generation of iPhones as the ultimate selfie tool, equipped with:

  • Its TrueDepth camera, which is capable of a deeper pixel, more vibrant colors filters, and improved image stabilization
  • Apple’s animated emoji filter, which projects masks that move and respond according to your facial expressions
  • The Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting, which allows its users to edit lighting styles and focus of their photos in real time
  • Selfie Scenes, which projects animated backdrops that allow 360-degree exploration

Harken back the memories of your own time going through the halls of your high school. While you were studying the names of the founding fathers, you were stuck inside with a bunch of hormone-addled cohorts. It was a dog-eat-dog race to top of the food chain, and anyone who didn’t have the latest fashion or gadgets never had a hope of being cool.

The iPhone X Is Already A Hit With Teens

That hasn’t changed over the years. Now, instead of frosted tips and a Walkman, they have top knots and the iPhone X. They’re still wearing Air Jordan’s though.

Now, these features aren’t just to impress those from the 19 and under crowd. If you have a habit of opening up Snapchat a few times every day, then you’re probably just as stoked about the upcoming X as those youngsters surveyed by Piper Jaffray.

Your secret’s safe, but as an adult, you’ll want to stand out from the adolescent users. Don’t let anyone mistake your mature handset for a juvenile smartphone by designing a tasteful skin for iPhones. With sophisticated zebra wood and premium marble iPhone X skins available, there’s a way to adult-ify your handset without compromising on any of the features enjoyed by teens, so deck out your new iPhone X in a skin that speaks to your wisdom.

That is if you can nab an iPhone X. The very same features that make it such a potentially popular phone amongst teens has delayed its full release. Production issues with its TrueDepth camera put the X in an extremely limited release. Some experts believe this will affect the number of Xs sold well into 2018.

If these leaks are to be believed, then any Apple fan will find it a challenge to have the flagship. Teen or not, the iPhone X is shaping up to be an exclusive phone, in both function and numbers. But it’s in high school that its shortage will be most keenly felt, as the iPhone X’s biggest fans may find it hard to get their hands on one.