3 Tips For Maintaining Your Gutters & Downspouts

The Greater Toronto Area is an exquisite place to live, due to its modern transport network, quality social amenities and affordable cost of living. It is the most populous metropolitan area in Canada, consisting of the central city of Toronto and the surrounding townships including Durham, Peel, and York. This area experiences a humid continental climate during the seasons of winter, summer, autumn, and spring. During the construction of any modern house, gutters and downspouts are installed to play the role of draining rainwater away from the house foundation.

3 Tips For Maintaining Your Gutters & Downspouts

The most common material used for gutters is fiberglass asphalt shingles (this is the case in 75% of North American homes). This material is compatible with a variety of roof types, including flat roofs and more common pitched roofs that facilitate the classic "A-frame" design. The gutter and downspouts must be designed for longevity and therefore they require routine maintenance. The following are 3 essential tips that help individuals to maintain gutters and downspouts:

Cleaning and Clearing — Plan a proactive cleaning schedule of roof gutters and downspouts. Most homeowners in the GTA area normally plan for gutter cleaning activities after summer, autumn or spring season. One should obtain cleaning and safety equipment including face masks, gloves, gutter scoop and ladder and always work with a spotter to ensure safety standards are being met. Work on a sturdy extended ladder to inspect the condition of the gutter and note areas that need repair. Start by blowing dry leaves from the gutter, then scoop debris into a bucket and finally, unclog the downspouts by using a high-pressure hose nozzle to flush water down the drains. You can also use a plumber's auger to remove problematic clogs.

Regular Repairs — Holes and cracks on gutters should be patched using quality materials from your local hardware store. Removal of rust and peeling paint should be done regularly as recommended by your local, trusted roofing company. Contract the services of a reputable roofer – such as Professional Roofers – to replace damaged sections of the gutter and downspouts and to simultaneously perform an inspection of your entire roof to make sure it does not require patching or more extensive work. To reduce the negative environmental effects of disposed of fiber-asphalt, consider recycling the material after replacement. Choose reputable quality roofers, in GTA, who are experienced in roofing and drainage systems. Ensure that the slope of the gutter is fixed to its correct pitch to drain away efficiently. Identify roofers who are reliable and offer warranties on roofing materials by talking to your neighbors and searching for reviews on the Internet. Such firms present the advantage of quality assurance of the roofing products and excellent workmanship. Emergency roof leaks are easily handled, thereby preventing further damage on gutters and drainage-pipes, not to mention the inside of your home.

Install Gutter Guards — Lining the asphalt shingles on gutters with aluminum not only makes it light but also protects it against rust. Quality roofers installing aluminum guards enhance the durability of the gutter and saves on maintenance costs. Consider installing steel reinforced gutters in order to maintain a stable water line. Trim tree-branches near roofs to ensure sunlight reaches the gutters to prevent the growth of algae that clogs water in the gutter.

Proper routine maintenance of gutters and downspouts ensures the durability of crucial drainage systems. It also keeps it in good working order during all seasons. Subscribing to preventive maintenance through a quality roofing company is efficient, reliable and advantageous.