How to replace windows on your own

Surely, many of those who had the windows replaced or are planning to do it wondered how much does it cost to replace windows and if you can install a vinyl window yourself?

How to replace windows on your own

The installation of vinyl windows on your own is not as complex as it seems at first glance. Nevertheless, in order to install a window properly, you need to know some things that you cannot do without. We recommend you to read this article and follow our advice.

  • Replacing a vinyl window consists of the following steps:
  • Dismantling of old windows.
  • Preparation of a new window.
  • Installation and alignment of the sub-profile for the window.
  • Fastening fasteners to the window frame.
  • Fixing the window in the opening with the help of fasteners in the holes for them.
  • Spinning (filling with foam) slots between the plastic window and the window opening.
  • Installation and alignment of the windowsill.
  • Mounting slopes.
  • Adjustment of window fittings.
  • Installation of the ebb from the outside of the window.

Before installing the window, a sub-profile is mounted. The process is simple: lay the profile in the right place, align it horizontally and fill in with mounting foam. But before foaming it is better to put a window on the profile and see if it fits into the remaining space properly. If there is too much free space at the top, then something should be put under the profile.

When the installation of the sub-profile is completed, proceed to install the window. It is recommended not to remove the protective tape before you finish the whole work.

To begin with, you need to attach the fastening elements to the window on which it will hold. It is better to use flat anchor plates. They should be located perpendicular to the surface of the window at a distance of 10-20 cm from the corners of the frame on each side.

When the anchors are fixed in the window, insert it into the window opening and align. Leveling is better to do together with a partner so that one person keeps the window, and the second one puts the bars for alignment. Then fill in the space between the window opening and the plastic window with mounting foam. If you install the window at a temperature below 5 degrees, you should use an all-weather or winter mounting foam. If the temperature is above 5 degrees, any foam will do.

The foam should dry at least for 8 hours. In addition, it must be protected from the harmful effect of sun rays. This is done either with a conventional solution, or with a tile adhesive, or with a protective impermeable film.

After the installation of vinyl windows, the fittings are adjusted, the mosquito net is put on. Window adjustment is a separate topic, which will be considered in the next articles. We hope that everyone who has looked here in search of information will find answers to the question how to install windows on your own. We are very glad to help you!