How to Dry or Press a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers

I absolutely love fresh cut flowers and the beauty they bring to a home or office. Usually, that fresh bouquet of flowers is a gift from my husband or a loved one and I want to preserve them for memories sake, to use in a craft or for decorations.

When I receive a fresh bouquet of flowers, I am already planning the first flowers that will be dried or pressed. The bigger thicker flowers I like to dry and the smaller flowers are perfect and more easily pressed.
A day or so after your bouquet arrives, snag the flowers that haven’t reached their full bloom. Some flowers do open more as they dry.

How to Dry Flowers:
Probably the easiest way to dry flowers is to hang them. I like to do the following:
  1. Divide your bouquet into small groups; buds, roses, babies breath, etc..
  2. Put those groups into small bunches.
  3. Tie with twine, yarn or string.
  4. Hang in a dry cool place.

These dried flowers can be used in wreaths, permanent bouquets, and other beautiful DIY crafts. Here some amazing examples I found on Pinterest.

Now, How to Press Flowers:
I like to start with the smaller more dainty flowers and work my way to the bigger ones.
Gather your supplies, I like to use tissue paper, wax paper, paper towels, and newspaper. Also, decide on what you will use as the press. The smaller flowers can easily be pressed in smaller books, but you’ll need something more heavy duty for the bigger flowers. Try a large phone book or a larger book. I like to use my cast iron skillet as a weight, but you can use a rock or something else.
  1. First, divide your flowers into small groups.
  2. Cut a piece of cardboard or recycled food box the size of the book your using.
  3. Cut out pieces of tissue paper (or whatever type of paper you're using) the same size as your book.
  4. Add flowers to the top of that, making sure they are not touching.
  5. Add your tissue paper, another piece of cardboard and closed book.
  6. Press for at least a week.

Now you're ready to begin making beautiful arts and crafts using your pressed flowers. Pressed Flowers look amazing all by themselves in a frame as wall art or on homemade gift cards and other crafts. My girls are avid readers, so I love the idea of turning my fresh bouquet of flowers into bookmarks. Here are some beautiful DIY Pressed Flower ideas I have gathered on Pinterest.
I also like the idea of turning the gift of professional flowers my husband gets me into beautiful crafts I can enjoy and reminisce each time I see them.