Pressure Cooker Potatoes

Potatoes are a great filler for many dishes. My husband, the meat and potatoes man, would agree. I find making potatoes time consuming and they weren’t always my favorite part of dinner; until my husband bought me a pressure cooker. Now I use it for just about everything especially Pressure Cooker Potatoes.

Pressure Cooker Potatoes

The most time consuming part of making potatoes in a pressure cooker is waiting for it to come to pressure.  How many recipes can I make using pressure cooker potatoes?  Quite a few, but here is a small example…

My husband loves mashed potatoes, but it took forever boiling them and I always had some potatoes that weren’t ready.

For Mashed:

Cut in halves and/or quarter depending on the size of the potato.  The key is for them to be approximately the same size.
Set pressure cooker to high
Set for 5-7 minutes
Your pressure cooker and size of potatoes may require a time variation, but this is a good time to start.

Make mashed potatoes as a side dish or on a Shepard pie.

My most favorite reason to use pressure cooker potatoes?  When I cook them whole.  It doesn’t take much longer too cook then for mashed potatoes and you save even more time because you don’t have to peel them.

For Whole Potatoes:

Wash Potatoes
Place in cleaned potatoes cooker and fill with water till the tips of top potatoes are still showing.
Set pressure cooker to high
Set for 8-10 minutes (times may vary)

Pressure Cooker Potatoes

I keep the peels on for Potato Salad and when I make twice baked potatoes or potatoes skins…

Pressure Cooker Potatoes

I make other yummy recipes with my pressure cooker, my families favorite is pressure cooker chili.