Change the Lighting to Change the Mood

When it comes to creating an atmosphere in a room, using different styles of light and light bulbs can have a pretty big impact on how well you achieve this.

Change the lighting

To create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom
Installing a dimmer switch in rooms that you go to sleep in can help you to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you still want some light to read a book then you can choose what level that you want to set it at, so that you do not have to sit in bright lights.

In the kitchen
In many homes, the kitchen can be a hive of activity, especially when everyone is at home together during the evening or at the weekend. Because of the nature of the work that you might have to do while cooking, you might want to install specific task lighting close to your work surfaces around the edge of the room to help you see what you are doing. If you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere when you sit down for your meal, then you could always switch off the main lights and use the small task lights as the source of light.

The dining room
If you eat in a separate dining room, then you will probably want the lighting to be quite bright in this room so that you can see what you are doing, and the people that you are eating with. You may want to have a big light installed directly over the table, although you may want to put some lamps around the edges of the room so that you can create softer lighting instead should you want it.

In the living room
You will want to have plenty of lighting available as this is the place where you may well end up entertaining your guests. However, you may not want to use it all at once. You could also use lamps that are easy to move around as you need them.

Any lamps and lighting that you want to have in your living room could also be used as a decorative feature, as much as a light source. You could add lighting in specific areas to show off things that you really like about your home's decor, such as a painting or ornament.

You may also find it useful to plan your lighting ideas down on paper before you buy or install anything.